Casambi overzicht (Engels)

Casambi is an advanced lighting control solution based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Bluetooth Low Energy is the only low power wireless technology in all modern smartphones, tablets and even smart watches, making it the only mainstream and future proof low power radio technology in the world.

Casambi technology can be integrated into fixtures, LED-drivers, LED-modules, switches, sensors and different kinds of control modules creating an optimal solution in terms of ease of installation and functionality with minimal additional hardware and deployment costs. Casambi ready products, that are produced by Casambi partners and are 100% compatible with Casambi’s native products.

Casambi technology provides a mesh network where all the intelligence of the system is replicated in every node and, in such a way, creates a system with no single points of failure.

The Casambi app works as one of the user interfaces in a Casambi lighting control solution, as the commissioning tool and as well as a remote gateway. The Casambi app works with iOS as well as Android devices, like smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. The app is free to download from Google Play and Apple App Store.

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